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Personal Cloud Service for your Mobile ,Keep your contacts, SMS and Call-Log, Images and Video

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Core Features


Data Redundancy

Fast & Secure

Great UI/UX


CloudKwik is an ultimate and most effective Cloud software designed for individuals looking to save their mobile data (whether they are documents, mobile call logs, contact numbers or photos etc.) on Cloud, no matter what the extent of data is.

Get access to all your personal data from anywhere in the world in least time frame.

The Cloud interface is completely effortless to install. It is also very user-friendly. With that said, anyone can utilize it without any stress.

We keep your security and privacy at the top of the concern. Our Cloud is safe and sound with all the upgraded system and its configuration on Google App Engine and Amazon Cloud.

Powerful & Incredibly

CloudKwik is the latest breakthrough in the industry of cloud computing interface that makes us feel elated very much.

The basic idea behind the creation of this cloud interface is to help users store and manage their personal mobile data securely.

Users can access to the data anytime and anywhere like a dream and instantly. Replete with extremely powerful, incredible and smart features, CloudKwik is just the ticket for users from all walks of life looking to store and manage the mobile data.

Screenshot Gallery

We have portrayed a few screenshots of the mechanisms of CloudKwik for your general knowledge. Have a look at each one of them and get the idea at a glance how CloudKwick is just the ticket for you.

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